This year we are celebrating 40 years of KYB. Although we are not hosting a national celebration (this will come when we reach 50) your group may want to plan a time of rejoicing for this special milestone.

Celebrating the birthday of a loved one, or friend, brings with it memories of the past, gratitude for the present, and anticipation for the future. Our celebration of CWCI's Bible study ministry, KYB, will do the same. We will remember with tremendous gratitude 40 years of faithfulness; we will rejoice together in these days of freedom to share our lives around the study of God's Word; and we will renew our commitment to serve so that, by God's grace, KYB will be available to the generations that follow.

So, let's celebrate the freedom and privilege that has been, and continues to be ours - studying the Word of God. Why? Because these are the words of eternal life!

KYB Director
National Management Board Australia

Liz Curtis Higgs

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Summer Retreat 2011

Left: Barb Detlefsen with Lois Loan of Invercargill. Lois was one of the founding members of CWCI in Southland back 40 years ago and she still ministers and prays for many now involved in CWCI-KYB.
We give thanks and praise to the Lord for enabling women like Lois, committed to Him, serving through the work of CWCI-KYB here in NZ for so many years. Now we can enjoy fruits of their labour and the blessings continue to flow!

Courageous Commitment - Barb Detlefsen

Just want to say how very blessed and impacted I was by Barb Detlefsen's sharing on Wednesday night. It was not what she said - although her story is remarkable and her teaching sound, it was also who she has become through it all, a woman of God.
That was what hit me deeply within. I have found myself wanting to 'be like her', to have a similar relationship with the Lord. She left me hungry for holiness, for the realness of holiness. Every speaker is different, but this lady has somehow left a God-longing in my heart.

This morning my life has been changed forever as I have surrendered to God...

The Lord showed me that I was in a pit and needed rescuing.

Please pass on my thanks to all those who helped arrange a special day in Cambridge. Our speaker Barb was such an encouragement.

Thank you so much for all that CWCI does. The weekend in Queenstown was amazing and I am challenged and encouraged by Barb's messages. So excited to see the miracle that God has done in her life to give her health and strength to visit New Zealand. Thank you all.

The messages were great to hear for people living in 'earthquake city'. I was not able to hear the 3rd and 4th messages so am ordering the DVDs and CDs.

Thank you for Monday evening - it was lovely and I enjoyed Barbara - she is one amazing lady - she almost seems perfect, does she ever get brassed off, depressed, angry etc. etc.????????

Just a note to thank you and Barb for your very encouraging visit. We have had a lot of feedback from girls who were at the meeting - many (including ourselves) have been challenged and continue to be challenged from Barb's example and message on Commitment to the Lord. Please pass on our thanks to the committee for their generosity in bringing Barb to Gisborne.

Teaching amazing - have been encouraged to deal with my issues in a courageous way. Barb is amazing.

LOVED ....

...dinner on Saturday night and the items

... the togetherness - All one in Christ, no time did I feel unwanted or unloved

Lovely, well run camp - messages hit a necessary spot

... spending time with like-minded women to praise and worship our amazing God and be refilled by the Holy Spirit

... spending time with God and the awesome mix of in depth teaching and lighthearted fellowship with other 'God' girls

Teaching - powerful, wonderful, inspiring, old lingering questions answered...

Incredible depth of teaching - God inspired, from a truly humble and gifted teacher Looking forward to next year, laughed so much my face ached

... meeting with women from other churches

Akosita's powerful message.

...being together with gentle women committed to growing us all stronger and closer to Him who loves us

...being with like-minded people particularly with such a difficult topic

...encouragement to go forward in God despite what has happened

More than I anticipated

....Being brought to my knees and humbly surrendering to the Lord again - a new sense of God's peace and joy flooded into my heart. Thank you for being the conduit.

...Barb's message - wonderful and relevant to life

Excellent speaker! Great fellowship and organization from the committee

Just what I needed at this time - not long enough


Debbi was such a blessing with her vivacious and inspirational encouragment to 'dig' right into Scripture, showing us how to ask the five 'Bible Bus Ticket' questions each time we read:
1. What did I learn about God today in my reading?
2. What did I learn about life?
3. What did I learn about myself, my attitudes, priorities, fear, failures or desires?
4. Is there a lesson that I can apply today?
5. What can I take from my reading and pray back to God for understanding, instruction or help?

Totara Springs Retreat 2010


Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve at the CWCI retreat. It was an amazing weekend where I really felt God guiding and carrying me. It also had a few challenges and learning experiences for me. Leanne (Willow Park)

Hi to the CWCI committee
I just want to say how fantastic Wednesday night was. Firstly, you guys did an awesome job of all the details for the evening. From working with Manna, providing a delicious dessert, decorating the place up, being on the ball with collecting money and providing information, emceeing, cleaning up afterwards,making Debbie Bryson feel welcome ....and much more I am sure. Well done!! What you are doing is really worthwhile and I am sure, after Wednesday night, hugely rewarding. Be encouraged, whatever you do(with an attitude of serving Christ) grows eternal fruit!
Antoinette from Nelson

The Retreat had an atmosphere of solid faith, prayer, genuine care and doing life together. There was solid Bible teaching that is alive and relevant to everyday life as well as being about connecting with God and others. This is unique to CWCI retreats and something to be preserved and treasured.
Thanks for so much hard work, commitment and wonderful organisation,
not just re the retreat but to God's kingdom through CWCI. I enjoy and feel blessed by the moments I have spent at this retreat - to relax, refresh and renew. I pray that God will keep pouring out the blessings, wisdom, guidance and support to you all.
Edith (Willow Park)

Loved the way everything was bathed in prayer.
Awesome music, great messages, amazing testimony, fabulous food!
Loved the Hamilton Gospel Choir.
The follow-up times for sharing/praying.
Being with other Christian Women, who prayerfully shared and were such a help.
Totara Springs

Moments with the Master, thanks Debbi!.
I just wanted to say thank you! I've just come back from CWCI at Totara Springs and have today off work because it's my birthday. I decided to start reading through the Bible and printed off the reading schedule from your site. Well wasn't Psalm 65 just such an awesome picture of God being the Gardener to our wee mustard seed with the promise of a bounty! I had such an amazing quiet time and wrote 3 pages of notes!! I've already had an answer to a question I was praying about...God is pretty cool! Thank you for helping me to be excited about it. God bless you in your ministry and keep up the good work!

Moments with the Father, a time of encouragement, love and joy. I pray to go from here a different person, having a close walk with God.
Debbi was very enthusiastic in her presentation and showed us her joy for the Lord and her love of the promises God has made to us in His Word.

Debbi has such a wonderful manner when speaking. She is a breath of fresh air with so much enthusiasm and passion - both for truth, and for her God. A wonderful morning. Thank you ladies!

I was very inspired listening to Debbi, she had amazing enthusiasm for the Word of God.

I loved the way Debbi reminded me through one of the names of God 'Wonderful Counsellor' that as it says in James 1:5 - we can ask for Wisdom. What a great reminder for a struggling Mum!

Debbi described a 'moment' as a short period of time when something can happen to change our lives.- We need to turn our eyes upon Jesus and to be in the moment with Him. Emphasis on having a quiet time with God and the helpful list of things to guide us in our quiet times was very helpful.
Debbi said she would rather have 'sleep deprivation' than 'God deprivation'.

Summer Retreat 2010 Living Springs, Christchurch - Speaker Debbi Bryson
A truly blessed time shared by all who attended....

Summer Retreats 2009 | Speaker: Liz Curtis Higgs

"Liz, I really enjoyed hearing you in person in Nelson. God has given you a wonderful talent to communicate His love and grace both through the written and spoken word."

"Thanks for spiritual wisdom and understanding of Scripture."

"Liz was wonderful in that she brought humour, part of her own journey and Bible teaching all wrapped together – relevant for today's generation - young or old!!!"

"I felt as though Liz was speaking directly to me."

"Thank you! I return home energised and uplifted."

"Fabulous weekend. I am hooked on CWCI."

"Very much appreciated servant attitude of the committee."

"Feel spiritually refreshed and invigorated."

"Praise God. Everything just wonderful, even the top bunk was comfy."

"God really met me where I was at, a healing has happened in my spirit."

"So uplifted, going forth with joy! Hug! Hug! Hug!"

And from a young mum – 'Felt pampered'.

"God set me free from alcohol and many goodies, and now I feel so free, I have never felt this way for so long. I'm so glad I came."

"Great weekend. Much prayer before and during, excellent speaker facilitating a move of God amongst women."

"This retreat was one of the best I have ever attended and in the past 20 years I have attended a good number. My friend and I had not heard of CWCI before. We came because we knew of Liz Curtis Higgs. She certainly did not disappoint. I have not laughed so much in years. So much food for thought and reflection. I am deeply appreciative of her willingness to travel to NZ. The music group was exceptional, I could have kept praising the Lord for much longer even though I initially knew few of the songs."

"Liz was so warm, caring and funny. Liz loves the Lord and wants us all to love Him also."

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